Hello Jose,

Our puppy named is Leia is now 5 Months old.
Her parents are Sophie and Toby, she was born in May 20th.
Leia brings such joy and happiness to our family. We have 3 boys that adore her, she has a sweet temperament an gets well with other dogs.
Right now she wants to play with everyone and everything !!
Every time we take her out for a walk we get stopped by so many people asking what kind of dog she is.
People say she looks like a cuddly toy :)
We love her dearly 
Thank you Jose

The Eskinazi Family (Pacifica, CA) 


Leia is 5 month old now,
was born on May 20th, 2017
and lives in Pacifica, CA
Parents are Sophie and Toby.


Testimonial for Henry:

The day I picked up Henry was the best day of my life.

Henry is the sweetest, most well behaved dog anyone has ever met. His temperament is delightful. He responded well to training and continues to listen well. 

I have complete strangers that will meet him at Balboa park and end up sitting down to pet him for 30 minutes because he is so sweet. My family, friends, neighbors, dog sitters, vet, groomer, and colleagues have all made countless comments about how well behaved, loving and handsome he is.

He makes everyone smile and does very well with infant and toddler nephews, and even stranger's children.

Henry plays well with other dogs, big and small. He travels well in cars and on planes.

I could not be happier with my companion Henry, I love him so much! I am looking forward to getting him another cockapoo from Valley Cockapoos to keep him company!

I encourage people to follow Henry on Instagram:


Henry is 1 year old now,
was born on March 5th, 2016
and lives in South, CA
Parents are Roxy and Toby.

 Hi Jose,  

    I just wanted to update on Milo. We got him on 9/05/15, Susy and Toby are his parents.

We're also sending you pictures of Milo. He just turned 1 yearl old on 7/11/16. I want to let you know how happy we are with Milo. He brings us so much joy and happiness, we can't imagined our lives without him. This is one of the best decision that we've ever made. 

Thank you so much
Terri and James An

Instagram account : lifewith_milo

Milo is 1yr and 4 months old now,
was born on July 11th, 2015
and lives in South, CA
Parents are Susy and Toby.


 Hi Jose,  

I just wanted to send you an update on Quincy, a puppy from Roxy and Toby's March litter. She has the sweetest personality. She is very curious and playful, and loves meeting new people and dog alike. Everyone who meets her says how cute and friendly she is. I've had so many friends say that they want to take her home with them :) She loves going on walks, her stuffed stuffed squeaker toys, playing fetch, and giving kisses. Her vet and groomer have both mentioned how calm she is during her appointments as well. Thank you for raising such a happy and healthy pup! I've included a few pictures - she also has an Instagram account at quincypoo. 

Thank you also for being so helpful and responsive to my questions during the whole adoption process!

Teresa and Shawn

Instagram account : quincypoo


Quincy is 6 months old now,
was born on March 5th, 2016
and lives in South, CA
Parents are Roxy and Toby.


 Hi Jose,  

Just thought I would give you an update on Roxy and Toby's Male #2 (Arlo). We've also attached a few pictures too. He's a pretty smart dog and within the first couple of weeks learned how to sit, high five, shake, lay, fetch, and bring it back. Everywhere we go (whether it's our work, socialization classes, etc.) always comment on how smart and cute he is! Arlo's great with everyone! (infants, kids, adults, and senior citizen) We're currently working on walking nice on leash, stay, and drop it. Hopefully he'll have those mastered the next time I write to you!

Arlo also has his own Instagram account. It's cockapoo_arlo if you want to watch him grow up or tell potential customers how their puppy could possibly look.

Thank you again,

Heather and Gabe

Instagram account : cockapoo_arlo


Arlo is 5 months old now,
was born on March 5th, 2016
and lives in Sacramento, CA
Parents are Roxy and Toby.


 Hi Jose and Angie, 

This is Lola at 5 months. She's so gorgeous that friends say she looks like a stuffed animal!! She is a little more strong minded than our previous cockapoo, but she was a breeze to potty train.

But what I want to tell people who look at your web page is that you are the ONLY reputable breeder in the state of California that I found who are rasing REAL first generation cockpoos!

Real cockapoos have been around since the 1950s. They are simply a female cocker bred to a small poodle. They are NOT "designer dogs," who are inbred for looks. Some look a bit more like poodles like our last one did, some look more like cockers, some look just in-between.

Why is important?
For those of you who didn't sleep through high school biology, you might remember "hybrid vigor." That's the term used when mixing breeds of animals, who might have inbred defects , with another breed to get a mixture that eliminates the possible inbred defects. (That's why we don't marry our relatives folks, if you did sleep through biology.)

For example: look at German Shepherds today. They have a tiny rear legs and terrible hip dysplasia because of inbreeding. Look at a picture of an American Bulldog from 1950 compared to one today. Bulldogs today can't even breath, and can barely walk! Read about what inbreeding is doing to King Charles Spaniels: they are all getting brain damaged because people like their tiny heads, so breeders are breeding that! Disgusting.

That is what all the other breeders in California are doing. They're breeding a cockapoo to another cockapoo. Some are proud to be breeding down to 7 generations.
So I want to give everyone who looks at your page the confidence to know that they will be getting a quality pup, not a genetically damaged one.

Thank, Angie and Jose for what you're doing!
Kathleen from Redwood City, your most "persistent" customer.

Lola is 5 months old now,
was born on February 2016
and lives in Redwood City, CA
Parents are Lili and Toby.


 Hi Jose,  

TJ will turn 1 year this month! I can't believe how fast time flew by this year. He is amazing puppy. I have yet to take a walk with him without at least 2 people asking his breed and where he is from. He is a calm and handsome boy! He gets along amazingly with other dogs of all sizes and has become my new best friend. TJ has even won the heart of a couple of TV celebrities! I can't imagine a life without him now. I would love to see pictures of his sister if you are still in contact with her new owners. He was as part of Lucy's litter born on May 14, 2015,


TJ is 1 year old now,
was born on May 14, 2015
and lives in New York
Parents are Lucy and Toby.


Jose,                                                                             02/09/2016

Just wanted to share a quick update about our sweet boy Benny. He is seven months old now! He has the best personality - he agreeably tolerates plenty of rough-and-tumble from our kids, loves meeting new people, and enjoys playing fetch with anyone willing. Every time he goes for a walk, people want to pet him.

He has grown to about 16 lbs, and he has one white front paw and a white patch on his belly. He is very cute. I've attached some photos from the last few months.:)

Thank you!
The Chen Family


Hi Jose,                                                                            10/10/15

Ashley and I just wanted to send you some pics of Theodore aka Teddy and let you know he's a great little puppy. He's healthy, smart and loves the water! He jumped into our friend's pool and started swimming the other day for a few seconds before we pulled him out. Then the next day her daughter was babysitting  him, she filled his water bowl too much and then he tried to get in that water too with his face and body. The pic with the girl holding him is right after when he tried to go in the water. But we really like him. He has a funny personality and is learning everything really quickly. He's the best puppy ever! :)


Art and Ashley 


Teddy is 6 months old now,
was born on July 2015
Parents are Susy and Toby.


Hi Jose,                                                                            01/11/16

Happy New Year to you and your family!

    I'm sending a few pictures of Ginger. She turned 2 in November. This puppy is the love of my life, she is my everything. I trained her myself and she is very smart. She knows of tricks and the best one is to ring a bell when she needs to go outside. She loves playing ball and run on the beach and...having her teeth brushed!!! She doesn't look but she weighs 30lbs- 30lbs of love! Lol.

Thank you with all my heart for breeding cockapoos. You're changing so many lives!:)


Ginger is 2 year old now,
was born on November, 2013
Parents are Lili and Tapatio.


Hi Jose,                                                                            07/21/15

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2015!

    Cooper is almost 4 months old and have been such a joy to have around. Everyone that comes into the office at work love him. He is a mellow dog for the most part at work which is great, so I can get things done. He is full of energy when we are outside. He loves playing fetch. Thank you again for an amazing puppy. He is so smart. He learnes things very quickly. I love him so much.

Stacey & Cooper

Copper is 1 year old now,
was born on September, 2014
Parents are Lucy and Toby.


Hi Jose,                                                                            07/21/15

Lucy has to be the most perfect of all. She is extremely social, friendly, smart, playful and loving. Here she is on her first birthday. She is from Lili's and Tapatio's litter born on June 19th last year. Many thanks to you, your family, Lili & Tapatio, for bringing her into the world!

You are welcome to post/share this photo with others.

Janice, Dave & Lucy
Scotts Valley, CA

p.s. I created greeting cards with Lucy on them

Lucy is 1 year old now,
was born on June 19th, 2014
Parents are Lili and Tapatio.


Hi Jose,                                                                            07/09/15

Hope everything is going well.                                                             

Frida is growing fast, she recently finished her shots and we started talking her out, everybody loves her:).
She is  very clever and playful. Learned where to pee in the first week and rarely has an accident. We also got her an insurance and as well did a wellness exam, everything is good.

Also, I'm attaching some of her photos, feel free to use them on the website if you want. We've already referred you to a couple of people who loved Frida on the street :).


Frida is 4 months old now,
was born on March 8th, 2015
Parents are Bell and Toby.


Hi Jose,                                                                        04/13/15

I was on your website looking at your new puppies and I saw that our girl is now on your home page! We just wanted to tell you again how much we love and adore her. She is almost 9 months old now and everyday is a new joy with her. She particularly loves her "stuffy toys" and LOVES socks and shoes. She is so smart and playful. We hope all your puppies get great homes and bring their families as much as joy as Pandee bring us. We can thank you enough!

Jennifer & Doug Rodgers

Pandee is 9 months old now,
was born on September 4th, 2014
Parents are Bell and Tapatio.

Annie B.

Hi Jose,                                                                        04/13/15

Just wanted to thank you for our precious little Annie B! This is her all grown up! She has brought so much joy to our lives and is the center of attention wherever we take her, which is everywhere!

Since she was 2 and 1/2 months old we have taken her to puppy/dog training classes and last month she passed the Canine Good Citizen test at one year old! We are so proud of her. Annie B now starts training as as Theraphy Dog for the Animal Health Foundation. When completed I can take her to hospitals and senior centers so people can be comforted by her as much as we are.

She is so beautiful and sweet little dog! She weighs about 16 pounds and has been on several airplanes trips all over the country. Again, the joy of our lives.

I keep checking your website and I see you have a waiting list till next fall. Wow!  I would love another little red/buff girl someday.

Well, thank you again Jose can't express how much we love her.

Carolyn and John Wake and Annie B
Dana Point, CA

Annie B is 14 months old now,
was born on February 22nd, 2014
Parents are Bell and Tapatio.


I just wanted to write to you and thank you again so much for our new puppy addition. Pandee is such a joy! She has a hilarious personality and is so playful and smart. She already knows to go outside to potty and catches on to everything we teach her. She is 13 weeks old now and in the 5 weeks that we have her, we have had so many fun moments with her. She completes our family and we are so blessed to have her. We thank you again for an amazing puppy and adoption experience.

Jennifer and Doug Rodgers,

Pandee was adopted in November 1st 2014

Parents are 

Bell and Tapatio Puppy


    From the moment we picked up Rosie we knew we had hit a home run. She was fearless and loving and playful from the onset. Jenn takes her to work with her and Rosie greets all of her patients an sometimes comes and sleeps under their treatment table. We take Rosie everywhere even home depot where she is always a big hit. Rosie loves going on walks, running around with Adam, and digging in the garden. At night she puts her paws up on the bed when she is tired to tell us it is time to go to  sleep. We love her so much. She is an absolute treasure. 

Jenn and Adam

Rosie is 4 Months old in this pictures.
She was adopted in March 2014

Parents are Magy and Tapatio



I wanted to let you know that Buddy is the best thing that has happened to our lives. He is a ray of sunshine and I am convinced that spending the first 3 months of his life in our family has a lot to do with his wonderful disposition. We get stopped every time we are out to get compliments and provide people with information. Thank you for bringing Buddy into our family . He is happy and healthy and just celebrated his year with us. Here some pictures for your website.

Leili and Leo

Buddy was adopted in December 31st, 2011

Parents are Tapatio and Gaby


Hi Jose,

We all wanted to thank you again for our little Katie. She is the joy of our lives.
From the day she arrived at her new home at 8 weeks, she has grown to be a healthy, happy dog. She is so friendly and outgoing that she wags her tail, including her entire body side to side when she sees any person, child, dog or cat. She isn't afraid of anything.
Katie stands about 11 inches to her shoulders now and weighs 14lbs. She is a sturdy little thing. We keep her groomed and she loves to have her teeth brushed every night before bedtime.

This coming June, we are going to be celebrating her 2nd birthday. I wanted to send you a couple of pictures of her to show you how cute she is. As you can tell, Katie loves the camera.

If anyone is interested in adopting a puppy from Angy'sPoos, they have come to the right place. We like Angy'sPoos, because they are professional and care about the quality dogs they produce.

The Cloer Family 

Keep up the good work.

Katie was adopted in July 2006 


This is our dog, Riley! He has been an absolutely wonderful addition to our family!! He is so well behaved, gentle and calm. He rarely barks (mostly just at vacuums) and was incredibly easy to train. He is loved so much by not only our family, but also everyone who meets him. He is just one of us! He is PERFECT!! Thanks, Jose!!


Riley was adopted in July 2006


Hello Jose, this is my testimonial, to all the folks looking for a Cockapoo. Here we have my 1 1/2 year old Shihpoo, CHICA, and my latest purchase from Jose, 5, about to be 6-month-old Cockapoo, GHOTTI. This is a wonderful breed to have, smart, very good temperament, loving, loves attention, and love, given back. To show you how great of a breeder Jose is, and how good of a breed he produces, let me give you a little story.

I sent in my deposit for my pup GHOTTI, shortly after he was born. When I finally, was able to bring him home, there was a woman from Colorado, who was purchasing a pup; at the same time I was purchasing mine. . Well guess what? She tried to buy my puppy GHOTTI, but he was already sold, and she couldn't have him, because Jose showed his loyalty to me, by being the first buyer on the list, and gave me the pup I had requested. She had to settle for another pup!

I would say I have the best one in the litter, but all of the puppy's are of a-1 quality. I wish I had room for all of them. So if you see the puppy you want to have, I'm telling you folks. Send your deposit, for your choice, in early, because they go fast. Jose is an excellent breeder; I wouldn't look anywhere else if I were you. Thanks Jose, and I will keep you up dated on my GHOTTI. 


Ghotti was adopted in November 2007


As a first-time dog owner, I couldn't be happier than with my sweet Codi! Having allergies all my life, my husband decided to surprise me with a Cockapoo because they are hypoallergenic. He researched different breeders and chose Angie's Cockapoos because we wanted a buff-colored toy cockapoo that favored the cocker-spaniel looks and temperament. Our Codi is very sweet, intelligent, great with children (even small children), loves to ride in the car, and is just very social all around! He was the runt of the litter, but has thrived into a very healthy and happy puppy! We highly recommend Angy's Poos for a wonderful family dog!


Codi was adopted in November 2007


Hello Jose,

I thought you might like another "Tucker update" since he has just turned 5 months old. When I first brought him home in November, I was concerned about having a winter puppy in Colorado, but my worries proved to be a waste of time. He was house trained very quickly and really loves the snow, as you can see from a couple of the photos.

He attends puppy playgroup twice a week and has made several special friends. Everybody loves him and a couple of people have asked me where they could get one JUST like him He is such a happy little fellow. One lady even wanted to buy him from me. Of course, I told her "No way"!!

His adult coat is coming in lighter but his ears remain apricot and he has a couple of white splashes on his tail and back. His markings are really pretty. I have found several baby teeth as he loses them and his adult teeth appear. His new teeth are beautiful, he has a perfect bite. He rather enjoys having his teeth brushed in the morning......I want to keep those teeth looking good.

Soon we will be attending obedience training school, although he already knows "come", "sit", "down", and "stand". We are working on "stay". I can't tell you just how much joy he gives me. Thank you so very much for such a wonderful puppy. You are to be highly commended as a breeder; I feel so lucky to have found you.

Take care,



Tucker was adopted in November 2007


Dear Jose,

We have been extremely pleased to have our new cockapoo puppy, Katie, join our family. She bright, fun loving, and gets along really well with our grand daughter. She plays well with other dogs and really enjoys that as well.

As you can see from the picture she is also adorable.

Dr. Rob Holdsambeck and family

Katie was adopted in November 2007


Kalima is a wonderful dog! Like Sky she is very gentle with everyone she meets and very friendly with all types of people and children. She is very smart (top of her puppy classes) and learns new tricks very easily. She also uses a dog door in our screen door and we haven't had an accident since she was 3 or 4 months old. We take her on long walks/hikes and she goes to most of my children's soccer games on the weekends. She has been on vacation with us up to Incline village for some spring skiing and thought the snow and lake Tahoe were a lot of fun! She really fits our family and lifestyle well and we couldn't be happier with her. 

Her puppy class trainer contacted me recently to find out who her breeder was! She said she had never met a nicer Cockapoo and had a friend who was trying to locate one locally. Hopefully they called and got on the list!




Kalima was adopted in July 2006


Dear Jose,
Great news! Enclose a few pictures of “Sky”. We are simply delighted with him. He has a very quiet and polite attitude. When you give him some food by hand for example he is always very gentle and delicate in taking it from you. Really he's no problem around the house on his own. Always finds something to do with his toys when alone yet is great company when he wakes with us or travels in the car. It took us a few months to realize a dog door in the wall is a way to handle the toilet problem. Never had a “mistake” since. In summary, wonderful temperament and of course no medical problems what so ever.


John & Sue Monahan


Sky was adopted in July 2006



I wanted to write and tell you how much we appreciate all the time you spent answering our questions about Cockapoos and making sure we were happy with our decision. Your Web site was so helpful and is the best one we have seen. We were so excited to find you! We just love our little puppy. We named her Purdy because ... well, she's very "purdy," and the white markings on her feet, nose and tail tip look like she got into some white paint - so we thought of a Purdy paintbrush. When we picked her up at the airport, she came right out of her kennel and started licking and playing with us! She was so excited to see us! She loves people, is great around kids and she's been having a blast. She's so energetic and spunky, but then when we pick her up she's a little snuggle-buggle, too. She's prefect! Thank you for taking such good care of her, we can tell she's been very loved. We will recommend you to anyone looking for a Cockapoo, and we will certainly be back if/when we decide to get another puppy! Thanks again for all the advice and help. We couldn't be happier with our little Purdy girl.

Jake and Kiley Frederick from Texas


Purdy was Adopted in December 2010

    Hi Jose,

Bentley is such a wonderful dog!  He is very smart, friendly, playful and gets along great with the kids (we all love him). He greets everyone he meets with a smile and a kiss.  He has become a favorite at our groomers (everybody says how cute he is and that they want to keep him).  Bentley is a fast learner; he seems to know exactly what we want from him.  He never barks (unless my husband is playing tag with him, Bentley loves to bark at my husband’s hands and fingers). We leave Bentley out of his crate all night, he sleeps on his favorite part of our leather couch (coincidentally, the couch is the same color as he is).  We could not imagine a better dog for our family.  The past few months with him have brought us so much joy!  We are looking forward to many more years of happy memories with Bentley.  We love him to pieces!  Thank you, we are so happy we got him! 

The Jones family

Bently was adopted in July 2010

    Hi Jose, 

Just wanted to write and let you know how happy we are with Sophie and how she is doing. Sophie is a wonderful dog. She is cute, fun and very loving. A perfect companion for our family and our daughter. Everyone compliments us on how beautiful she is, and we are constantly stopped on walks and asked where we got her. Sophie goes to work with my wife everyday, and has become the office mascot. Thanks so much for providing us with such a wonderful pet, and addition to our family. 


John Ishihara 


Sophie was adopted in May 2010.

    Hi Jose, 

Thought I  would drop you a note to let you know I have referred a family member to you guys. The adore Roxy and would love to have a pup like her! Tapatio is her dad and I can't remember her moms name. I want to say Wendy? She was gorgeous blonde/buff color.

Anyway, Roxy is incredibly affectionate, loving, sweet and sensitive. I will fwd a few pics of her as an adult she is already 3! She's the love of my life.

I hope you & your family are doing well.


Dear Jose and Angelica,


We want to say THANK YOU for the cockapoo puppy we got from you. We called her Ginger and she is absolutely adorable. 

Although she has been only 12 days with us, she has brought tons of joy and happiness into our family already.

This puppy is so smart and easy to train, she has learned many different commands like "sit", "lie down", "stay", and "rollover". Ginger is a very active and happy dog, she enjoys the outdoors and loves to run. We can not imagine our lives without her. SHE IS ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!


Thank you so much!


Joanna and Diego Ruiz 

Ginger was adopted in January 2014

Parents are Tapatio and Lili